It is with great pleasure that we nominate Madeline Pulver for the Kenesaw Student of the Month.  Madeline stepped up when her peers needed her to fill in a role in the One Act production this year after a student had to quarantine.  She not only took on the responsibility, she flourished in her new role, helping the team to a third place finish in conference, and earning an honorable mention at the conference competition. The One Act cast and crew are hoping for more awards at districts.  


Madeline is a joy to teach because she has such a deep commitment to excellence. She is a very vocal advocate for her own education, and is always willing to ask questions, which are rare qualities in a student her age. In addition, she is always willing to work with her peers and explain things that she understands to others. She is always there to lend a helping hand to her teachers or peers, and does so with a smile on her face.


Madeline has also been working hard to get prepared for the upcoming basketball season.  She could be seen lifting weights after school and then spending some extra time working on her shot.  Madeline also participates in dance. She is an enthusiastic participant: always at school bright and early, and ready to work on a new routine to dazzle the crowds.  As if this wasn’t enough, Madeline somehow also finds time to do trap shooting in the spring. 


Madeline is a well-deserving recipient of this honor.  We are thankful for the many contributions she has offered to our school.