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Kenesaw offers preschool education to three and four/five-year-old children living in the district. The Kenesaw Early Learning Academy was created because research clearly supports early childhood education. By offering preschool in our district, we will be able to make sure that all students entering kindergarten will have the skills necessary for success.

Through the Kenesaw Early Learning Academy Preschool, we will be better able to meet the needs of preschool students by serving them directly. By working with students at these early ages, we will be able to quickly address and monitor any developmental delays that students are demonstrating. This will allow kindergarten, first, and second-grade teachers to focus on grade-level content, rather than working with students on preschool type skills that students have not yet mastered.

The Kenesaw Early Learning Academy is held in our brand new facility that was completed in January 2019.   We love having preschool students in our building as it allows the school district to better meet the needs of our community.



Kenesaw’s preschool addition consists of two preschool classrooms, one additional regular classroom, an open learning commons space, and a storage area. Also, an outdoor classroom with pergola and plenty of bench and other seating will be constructed. The addition nicely complements the existing building and will set the Kenesaw school building apart from all other schools of our size. Coupled with the track, football stadium, and gyms, we have a lot to offer our students. To fund the “Preschool Project,” the district will use money that has been saved up over the past several years in the Special Building Fund. Taxpayers should know that a bond election will NOT be held to fund this project. The school district will NOT be seeking any additional taxpayer money to fund this project.

Preschool FAQs

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Please see our Preschool Supplies sheet for all the details:

Preschool Supplies List

Kenesaw preschool students will be transported to Juniata School where Kenesaw is renting two classrooms until our building is ready.  Juniata has been recently renovated, so our children will be in a new, ready-to-learn environment.  Your child will have the same teacher they will have at Kenesaw, we are simply using Juniata’s space until ours is ready.  For all the details about this plan, please follow the link below to the post that explains transportation to Juniata, schedule and lots of other info.


Apply for Kenesaw’s Preschool

Applications are now being accepted for the upcoming school year.  Contact the school today at 402-752-3215 and request an application.

2020/2021 Preschool Calendar

View the calendar below or download a copy here.