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The Kenesaw Booster Club exists to positively support, promote, and enhance all programs, athletics, and staff at Kenesaw Public Schools. We truly appreciate your support and contributions (both monetary and volunteer time); we wouldn’t be able to achieve these things without you!

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2022-2023 Membership Levels

Silver Sponsor Membership*: ___ $500.00

Blue Sponsor Membership: ___ $250.00

White Sponsor Membership: ___ $100.00

General Membership: ___ $25.00

*Silver Membership includes: business/name listed on projector screen at volleyball & basketball games and voice announcement at football games

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General Membership $25 Level Donate Here

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If you are a Kenesaw Public Schools athletic team, activity, or group, we’d love to support your next project or need.  Fill out the form below and your request will go before the board for consideration.  Thank you to our sponsors for making this possible.

Booster Club Board Members 2023-2024



Areial & Michael McNeil

Brianna & Taylor Jacobitz

Stacey & Derrick Parr

Erik & Alisha Hellner

Danielle & Jace Morgan

Lisa & Jeff Dixon

Chelby & Jay Fegter

Alicia & Derrick Walker



Vice President & Secretary





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