Katelyn Edwards is a very dedicated student. She is always on top of her assignments and puts forth her best effort for every assignment or project. Katelyn always asks questions about anything missed on quizzes or tests, so that she can improve her understanding and make deeper connections between concepts. Also, given her stellar organizational and time management skills, she is very reliable at keeping her group on track during any cooperative learning.

Even though Katelyn is not an official member of Student Council, she stepped in and helped get ready for the dance by helping decorate the gym which was greatly appreciated by all. She is not afraid to step up when anyone, teacher or student, needs help and pays attention to detail.

Katelyn also participates in the Crew for One Act, and the Dance Team. In these activities, her coaches know her to be helpful, dependable, and meticulous. Whether on the floor or backstage, her attention to detail means that coaches never have to worry about a hair or a step out of place. Said her One Act Coaches, ‘We appreciate her leadership and initiative on our team because we can just give her a task and know she will get the job done.’