It is a joy to see Nick grow and learn because he is one of those rare students who has figured out that learning is a cycle; he really takes ownership over his education by continually evaluating and revising his knowledge-base. He isn’t afraid to ask clarifying questions when he makes mistakes, and he always seems to want to know more. Nick stays on top of all of his studies and puts great effort into keeping a good GPA. 

On the mats, Nick had a great season, and his attitude and effort have really been improving. Reaching an impressive 4th place at the State Wrestling Tournament — and earning a medal as just a sophomore – we can be sure that the future for our team will be bright and shiny. But it isn’t just the medals that make Nick a valuable member of our wrestling team; it is also his dedication and work ethic. Nick is always there to help whoever is in need, and will always take time out of his day to come help with youth wrestling in the evenings, move the mats, or anything else that is asked of him.

Not only is Nick a great student-athlete to represent this school, he is also an outstanding person to be around. He brings a positive attitude and energy to the school everyday. He is eminently humble, kind, and respectful. His self-deprecating sense of humor helps to put others at ease in his presence. And, best of all, Nick always has a smile on his face.

For these reasons and many more, we hereby congratulate Nickolas Kuehn as the Kenesaw High School Student of the Month for February 2021.


February Student of the Month 2021