It is with great pleasure that we nominate Hope Nienhueser for the Kenesaw February Student of the Month. Hope has shown time and again that patience, teamwork, and dedication are the elements for success in both her studies and extracurricular activities. 

In the classroom, Hope has always been dedicated to her studies. She is exceptionally reliable, always completing her work on time and maintaining communication with her instructors regarding lessons and assignments. For this reason, Hope is always in demand for group work. In addition, she is excellent at self-evaluation (a quality rare among students her age), making sure to ask questions about any mistakes and correcting those mistakes whenever possible. This self-motivated drive and sense of responsibility for her own understanding will make her successful in her future.

In addition to her academic success, Hope has proven herself a leader amongst her peers in many activities, including FFA, Sports, Band, and Student Council. Hope is always willing to try new activities and adventures. She proved this by competing in both FFA Livestock Evaluation and FFA Land Judging. She had no experience with these events, but was willing to put in the time and give it a try to gain new experience. Furthermore, even from the stands it is easy to see that Hope’s teammates benefit from her quiet leadership style on the court. Whether in volleyball or basketball, it is clear that younger teammates listen when she speaks and respond to her energy and determination. Even in practice, Hope seeks out others on the team, even student managers, to make sure that everyone is developing not only their skills, but also a deeper understanding of the game. Hope is also leading by example, taking on club volleyball for the extra practice to hone her skills.

Hope is a well-deserving recipient of this honor and we look forward to seeing more of her successes as she finishes her high school career at Kenesaw. 

SOM- Feb 2020