Izabella Voelker is the kind of student every teacher wants in class. She actively participates, has a positive attitude, and pushes her classmates to be better students as well. She takes pride in her work by turning in assignments on time and is not afraid of a challenge. She is always willing to take on challenging problems, even when they are optional, and just has a natural desire to learn. She strives for excellence in everything she does and has pushed herself to accomplish her goals even through adversity. 

Izabella has a very inquisitive mind as she constantly asks higher-level cognitive questions to dig deeper into the subject. She possesses impressive organizational skills and is one of the most responsible students here at Kenesaw. 

Izabella competed in Speech again this year in both Humorous Prose and Entertainment speaking. She earned medals at many meets in these two events. She was conference champion in Entertainment at TVC speech and got 4th at Districts in Entertainment, nearly making it to State Speech. She is a very talented young lady and because of her positive attitude, impressive work ethic, and desire for excellence, she will be successful in whatever career she chooses to pursue.

April 2021 Student of the Month