Congratulations to the September 2019 Student of Month, Wyatt Hansen.


Wyatt Hansen is a good role model of success and humbleness, an admirable combination.

Wyatt has contributed much to Kenesaw School.  One example is his continued membership in Band since the 5th grade; and now as a section leader, he demonstrates how important perseverance is to a group’s success.  In addition, Wyatt is a six-year member of Student Council.  He has been instrumental in ensuring the success of the many Council-sponsored events.  In the classroom, he strives to be the best he can be, achieving respectful grades in all areas of the curriculum.  He also gives of himself to many other groups–Football, Basketball (State competitor), Track (State Competitor), NHS, Cornhusker State, K-Club, etc.

Wyatt is not tremendously out-spoken, but rather quietly continues on daily with his many responsibilities and successes.  In the meantime, he seldom complains, often remains in the background of the spotlight, and never seeks out recognition. He has a simple inner desire to do well.  He does what is expected of him–to be a friend, to be a trusted leader, to be a gentleman, and to demonstrate by example what a great Kenesaw Public School student is.      


Student of the Month – September 2019