Due to the hazardous and unsafe gravel road conditions, Kenesaw Public Schools will not be running the morning or afternoon bus routes on Friday, March 15.  If you choose to bring your child to school please be safe and use good judgment. If you are not able to get your child to school because of road conditions, your child’s absence will be excused by the school.  Please call the school to inform them of this by 9 am.

The half-day preschool noon drop off bus will take those students home or to daycare. Half-day preschool students that live on a gravel road will need to have a parent or another adult pick them up at the end of their school day.  We are hoping that the condition of gravel roads improves considerably over the weekend and plan to run bus routes as normal on Monday. To better accommodate parents’ work schedules, students that normally ride the bus can enter the school building at 7:00 am on Friday.