Kenesaw Community, Students, Staff, and Parents,

We know everyone is anxious and excited about returning to school. We are diligently working out the fine details of our official plans and will publish as soon as they are complete. Thank you for your patience as we prepare to get our staff and students back to school as safely as possible.

Our broad reopening plans and student-led campaign to get our staff and students back to school as safely as possible. We are VERY proud of our student leaders and their efforts leading our community and school. We hope you will actively and positively support “Kenesaw Cares” as we all make efforts to keep the entire community of Kenesaw as healthy as possible while we anxiously await a return to normal.

Please read the attached letter regarding our broad reopening plans (we hope this answers some of the big questions with the understanding the details are forthcoming as we work them out). After you read the letter, please watch the video regarding our community-wide and student-led campaign “Kenesaw Cares” in response to COVID-19 and our school reopening.

Kenesaw Public Schools will make every effort in accordance with CDC and state and local guidance to mitigate the spread of COVID 19 with the understanding that no efforts either in whole or in part will reduce the risk of contracting the virus 100%.