They have been working their tails off for Mrs. Breight and Ms. Mack, and it really shows in their scores on practice tests. The students took a pre-test before covering any of the content and a post-test after instruction for data and to see their level of improvement. A perfect score in any section of the ACT is a 36. On the English test, their pre-test class average was 16.55, and their post-test average was 21.3 (a gain of 4.8 points). On the Reading test, their pre-test average was 19.8, and their post-test average was 22.2 (a gain of 2.4). For context, the national average on the English test is 19.6, and on the reading test it is 20.9. Our students are well above the national average in both areas, and we are so proud of them for all their hard work!