The Kenesaw Juniors took their annual expedition to Washington, D.C., and New York City this year. Preparations for the trip started about this time last year in an effort to fundraise all the money. With success in their efforts, the group of sixteen was ready to embark on the five-day journey, accompanied by Mr. Einrem and his wife, Susan. While seeing all of the sights, the class grew closer to one another and bonded over their experiences, both good and bad. Junior Sawyer Brumbaugh even said, “Though I was ready to come home [due to the lack of sleep], I wish we could go back to New York, especially now that I know the amount of homework that needs to be made up.” All of the juniors thought that this was a good experience, and they all had a good time. They would like to say thank you to everyone who supported their fundraisers and helped send them on this trip of a lifetime.