Senior Liam Parker possesses many admirable qualities which makes him an excellent Kenesaw Public Schools representative of Student of the Month, or as students and staff call him, the “Mayor.”

If you drove by the school during the month of December, you would not have missed all of the Christmas decorations. If you stepped into the school, it was like being in Santa’s Workshop.  This has been the dream of Liam’s since he was a young student at Kenesaw Elementary.  This year he was able to fulfill the dream of decorating the school. 

Liam took the initiative by getting a group of students to not only decorate but also to help fundraise.  He spent countless hours after school decorating and organizing.  Liam thought with everything going on in the world, the students and staff needed this extra bit of cheer.     

Liam Parker has so much pride in this school and is always wanting others to see what he sees.  He is one whom teachers can always count on to step in to run the game clock for basketball games, film for Striv, volunteer in the concession stand, among many other things that go unnoticed.

All of this, plus the principles by which he lives, makes Liam a truly deserving Blue Devil of the Month.

Student of the Month Liam Parker