Fall NSCAS Growth & MAPs Assessment Dates (7th – 9th)
Thursday, September 21 (7th & 8th NSCAS Growth ELA; 9th MAPs)
Tuesday, September 26 (7th & 8th NSCAS Growth Math; 9th MAPs)
Students in PK-6: regular school day
7th-9th Grade: arrive at regular time for testing at 8:00am
10th-12th Grade: late start – arrive for class at 9:46am
Thursday, September 21st:
No 1st or 2nd Period
All students will report to 3RD PERIOD at 9:46am
Regular Bell Schedule 3rd – 8th
Tuesday, September 26th:
No 3rd or 4th period
All students will report to 1ST PERIOD at 9:46am
2nd Period 10:39 – 11:33
Regular Bell Schedule 5th – 8th