Celebrating Art is an art contest devoted to the promotion and appreciation of student art. The top entries are published in a book that showcases the creative works of today’s student artists. Having students nominated is an honor for our school since only 45% of entries submitted nationwide are selected for publication!

Mrs. Kubicka is happy to announce that 29 Kenesaw students got selected to be published in the Fall 2023 edition.

Congratulations to the following students for getting selected


Claire L., Emma H., and Harper M.

1st Grade:

Caden H., Emmi B., and Harper H.

2nd Grade: 

Bennett D., Blythe J., Bryce P., Duke M., Emmersysn K., Evie B., Owen M., and Rilyn P.

3rd Grade:

Abraham S., Carter B., and Mackenzie G.

5th Grade: 

Ashley J., Harper K., Hattie S., Izzy F., Jack M., Landon B., Lydia A., Quinnley H., and Violet L.

6th Grade:

Charlotte D.

8th Grade:

Danelle L.

11th Grade:

Viviana C.