Congratulations to the August 2019 Student of Month, Sydney Weiler.

Sydney Weiler has begun her senior year as successfully as she completed her junior year last May.  At the end of track season, Sydney earned her way to State track in four events:  4×100, 4×400, 300 Hurdles, and 400 Hurdles.  This is a feat perhaps uncommon for most track and field athletes.  (She and her teammates earned a seventh-place medal in their 4×400 state appearance.  Sydney also holds the individual school record in the 300 Hurdles!)  It is with much hard work, determination, and perseverance that Sydney succeeds in her own ambitions, yet she is a wonderful example of a valuable teammate, as well as a very coachable competitor.    

As a student, Sydney continues to display that same drive towards her schoolwork.  She is conscientious of her academic responsibilities, she is engaged in her learning, and she is polite when working with others.     Though, like many, she likes to explore possibilities of having fun while “at work,” she truly does understand the seriousness of a job well done and demonstrates a nice balance when combining work with pleasure.

As a wonderful model of a student/athlete, Sydney is an excellent choice for KPS Student of the Month.