Senior Taylor Pulver is a role model, always greeting people with a smile, always polite in his behaviors, always positive throughout the day–to both students and staff alike.  He has been busy this past month, in both his academics and his extra-curricular activities, yet he has risen to the challenges of both.

During October, Taylor has demonstrated leadership in the hallways, in the classroom, as well as on the football field.  When many doubted the success of the football team, Taylor stepped up and led the team to an undefeated regular season–both with his athleticism and, more importantly, his positiveness.  Combined with his great attitude is his dedication: he is the only senior who stayed in band throughout his high school career and leads his section with the same dedication and pride as on the field.  

In the classroom, Taylor is eager, hardworking and driven, asking questions and correcting his work and truly mastering concepts.  His compassion, eagerness, and willingness to learn makes him an ideal Student of the Month.