Katie Long is our March Student of the Month.  Looking back over the school year, Katie has shown tremendous growth in her academic success, as well as her work ethic. 

Katie has pushed herself to a higher level of achievement this past year.  Along with her drive to keep her grades up in school, she had many hours of studying for her CNA certification.  She spent multiple nights and weeks of class time in Hastings working toward this goal.  The many long hours spent on her regular school requirements to keep her grades up, as well as undertaking the admirable task of gaining a CNA certificate have paid off.   This personal accomplishment helped her boost herself in the job world.  She now has a job in Hastings using that certification.

In school, too, Katie has another passion — Skills USA.  Not only did she help to start the Skills USA program in Kenesaw, but she also spearheaded the pancake feed for that organization, organized a movie day, and got the ball rolling for a number of fundraisers.  Katie works behind the scene and never looks for recognition for her work.  She is very modest in what she does and deserves our praise. 

We recognize her attributes of passion, determination, and accomplishment of setting personal goals and attaining them.  Congratulations, Katie.

Student of the Month – Katie Long