Helen Keiser is a joy to see in class every day.  She brings with her a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and curiosity for learning.  She is both kind and respectful to her peers, as well as to her teachers and the staff.  She is one of those rare students who appreciates others in her life and recognizes their worth.     

As a young 7th grader, Helen is mature, for she does not fall quickly for gossip.  She is also caring, for she is a supportive friend to those who look for help academically or emotionally.  She, too, is wise because she demonstrates sound judgments when it’s decision-making time.  Helen was an asset to the Junior High Quiz Bowl team this year.  Yet her talents do not end there.  She takes dance classes in Hastings twice a week to prepare for performances.  She has a passion for riding horses.  She also is responsible for providing music at her church…now for two years.  Thus she stays involved in both school and community activities.  It is refreshing to see a student at such a young age being this diverse in talent.          

With all A’s on the report card, it is obvious that, for her first year in junior high, Helen has learned time-management skills, study skills, and social skills quite well.  When homework is done, Helen picks up a reading book and meets new people and experiences new adventures vicariously.  She is, indeed, a well-rounded individual who expands on the common knowledge of the classroom, always looking to “move on and move up” in her education.       

We congratulate Helen Keiser as the Kenesaw Student of the Month for March 2021.


March Student of the Month 2021