It is the end of the 1st semester, and the final Student of the Month for the year 2018 is Senior Noah Klein.   Noah stands out from all the rest. He is committed to Kenesaw Public School more than the average student. He puts in so many extra hours, working to better the school and the community.  He is a rare find and will be missed when he graduates in May. Noah is on several committees at school and is the leader of most of those committees. He is always thinking of others before himself.  For example, he helped the Student Council get the wonderful 12-foot Christmas tree in the commons area. He is also on the TVC Sportsmanship Committee that helped come up with the sportsmanship creed. Noah has taken on the role as editor of the school newsletter.  This is such a time-consuming job, yet Noah does it with ease. He not only edits the articles, but he formats the layout and design of each issue. This job is time sensitive, and Noah will stay up late working on the newsletter until it is finished, even if he has an English paper, Pre-Calc, distance learning college class, or Chemistry homework to complete as well.

Noah is the Vice President of FBLA, and his leadership to the rest of the group is unprecedented. FBLA partnered with Mrs. Burr and the Book Fair.  He put in countless hours helping set up and assist her with all the activities that go along with running it. There are many things that Noah does for the school that goes unnoticed; he is the type of student that if he sees that something needs to be done he will step up and do it, no questions asked. It is not about being recognized but just knowing that he is helping the school and community is what drives Noah to do these things.  

Noah is a student whom you can also see spending extra time in the classroom making the most of his time to fully understand the subject he is studying.  He is one of those students who brings a smile to your face because you know that he has a bright future in store for him.

Student of the month