Freshman Cecilia Schuster has an infectious smile that displays her friendly, kind disposition. Throughout this year, Cecilia has participated in many activities. She competed in volleyball, basketball, and is currently on the track team. Not only has she been active in athletics, but also in the arts. She has played percussion for marching band, concert band, and pep band. Her dedication and work ethic is evident at each event she competes or participates in. At first glance, she may seem very timid and shy, but once others get to know her, she most likely will be their best friend.

In the classroom, Cecilia is very dependable and always gives her best effort. She strives to complete her assignments on time with well-thought answers. Whether in or out of the classroom, Cecilia is helpful to staff and students.

Because of her dedication, work ethic, and cheery disposition, Cecilia is well deserving to be this month’s Student of the Month.

April Student of the Month