Knock. Knock.  Who’s there?


No joke.  Students are out peddling, knocking on doors, ringing doorbells, raising funds for Washington, D.C./New York trips, raising funds for all their different organizations.  Community members may feel obligated to buy “something” they really do not need or want, simply to support the students. There is a solution to this dilemma, however.

Simply use gift cards at the stores that you normally patronize.  You can sign up to have an account with Scrip and can purchase the gift cards through Scrip online.  You get the full value of the card, with the company giving the school a percentage of the purchase. You are not out any money, but the school earns cash. 

If interested in doing this, please contact Kathryn Mousel at 402-756-5946 for more information.  Please leave a message with your phone number if I am not at home.


Scrip Retailers