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Preschool Open House

Last night the Kenesaw Early Learning Academy (KELA) held an open house for all the preschoolers and their families to see the classrooms.  While the construction is still underway for the KELA addition to the K-12 school in Kenesaw, the KELA will meet at the Adams Central Early Childhood Center (Juniata).

There is an all-day program taught by Mrs. Taylor Hanson and a half-day program taught by Mrs. Bethany Gerdes.  Each class has their own room at the Juniata school.

Both teachers and their staff have been busy getting their rooms ready for the incoming preschoolers.  Lots of boxes were unpacked, decorations hung, and toys organized to provide a great learning space while the KELA meets in Juniata.

Preschool begins August 22nd.  We are excited to begin the preschool program at Kenesaw.

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