Phase Four of the DHM (which took effect at midnight, September 14) now allows us to proceed forward with our traditional Homecoming Parade.   We had been restricted under Phase Three, which banned community parades, but now we can once again enjoy our honored and traditional parade and pep rally.  We wish to welcome the community to celebrate with us.  

We will, of course, need to remember that certain protocols and restrictions are still in place.  Not everything is entirely “back to normal” with Phase Four.  We are requiring masks to be worn–upon entering the school–and for the duration of the pep rally and coronation following the parade.  All of our COVID protocols remain in place including masks and social distancing for this occasion.  

The parade will begin by leaving the school at 1:30 on Friday afternoon.  Many of the floats that have been enjoyed in the past will be with us again.  The pep rally will take place in the new gym once everyone is back from the parade, approximately 2:00; and the coronation of the Homecoming king and queen will follow at approximately 3:00.  (Times may vary.)

The football game begins at 7:00.  The 7-12 Dance begins at 9:00.



  1. During your attendance at school, masks will be worn at all times, from the moment of entering until exiting the building.  
  2. Only the yearbook photographer and parents of the Homecoming Court are allowed on the gym floor to take pictures after the announcement of the king and queen. 
  3. Just like athletic contests, no one is allowed to go onto the gym floor to congregate with the Homecoming court after the ceremony.  Rather, all will exit soon after the conclusion of the coronation.


Please join us in celebrating this honored and traditional occasion.


Homecoming 2020 – 2021 Media Announcement